Upcoming Spector Bass Clinics

Be sure to attend one of my upcoming bass clinic’s. We will have lots of really good giveaways and it will be very informative and fun! Hope to see you there…please check tour schedule section of my site for places and times! Thanks!

Bass guitar clinic at Sam Ash Music in Cerritos, California – January 25, 2013, starts at 7pm! Free of charge!

Touring As A Bass Player

Dave Fowler

Dave Fowler

I’ve made my living as a professional bass player for the past thirty years. It is always crucial that musicians understand the importance of being a “cool hang.” I have seen many cases where the artist or band will take a guy who doesn’t play as well as others because they are a great hang on the road. I have seen this time and again folks! Be fun to hang out with, don’t get overzealous or become a gherm! Just be cool and accept all situations for what they are, a really fun job! In order to keep that job, you just gotta be cool, be on time and always play your best!

Here are my ten rules for touring as a bass player:

1.) Be a cool hang!

2.) Always be prepared!

3.) Don’t be a gherm!

4.) Always be on time!

5.) Always maintain relationships!

6.) Always maintain your gear!

7.) Play for the situation you are in!

8.) Work closely with your rhythm section. This means the drummer if you are the bass player!

9.) Pay attention to details, no matter how small!

10.) Don’t develop bad habits, playing or in general. Don’t do drugs, eat healthy and try to exercise daily!