Office on Music Row

Very happy to announce I will become day to day person for the band Trick Pony starting in early May. I will be a part of Graham Management and will be thrilled to have an office in town! If you are in Nashville be sure and email me to schedule a visit!


Dave Fowler working as Artist Relations Manager for EMG Pickups for Nashville, TN

Dave Fowler is pleased to announce that he is working as Artist Relations Manager for EMG Pickups for Nashville, TN. If you have any questions about EMG Guitar or Bass pickups please send Dave an email at or call him directly at (615) 977-2277

EMG Pickup Demonstration with Bobby Vega


Michael Rhodes Video Interview

Dave Fowler

When I think of bass players, hit records and Nashville, TN the first name that pops into my head is Michael Rhodes. Michael has been a constant driving force in Nashville for many years now. Playing not only on great country hits like “Born to Boogie” by Hank Williams Jr, but also working with Steve Winwood, Shawn Colvin and many others Michael hails from Louisiana and has a great story to share with you our readers.

We hope you enjoy this interview with the one and only Michael Rhodes.

Thanks to Michael Rhodes for this GREAT interview!

Ray Brown & Rockabilly – New Bass Books from Hal Leonard

Two excellent new Hal Leonard bass books have just gone to press.


Ray Brown – Legendary Jazz Bassist by Matthew Rybicki is a comprehensive tribute to this jazz master, featuring 18 transcriptions, performance notes, photos, and a foreword by Christian McBride. Songs include: Autumn in New York · Custard Puff · Days of Wine and Roses · Easy Does It · Gravy Waltz · Have You Met Miss Jones? · How High the Moon
· I’m an Old Cowhand (From the Rio Grande) · I’m Glad There Is You (In This World of Ordinary People) · Killer Joe · Love Is Here to Stay · Mack the Knife · Minor Mystery · Moten Swing · Night Train · Sometimes I’m Happy · The Surrey with the Fringe on Top · Tune Up.

This Artist Transcriptions book should be in stock by the first week of February.

Written by Johnny Hatton of the Brian Setzer Orchestra, Rockabilly Bass: Slap Technique, Creating Bass Lines & the Rudiments of Rockin’ String Bass teaches all the tricks and techniques of playing. In this book/online video package, Hatton covers: the snap · the slap · hand positions · straight eighths · the double slap · the swing slap · the triple slap · slap patterns · mambo · alternate slap techniques · two-beat swing slap · and lots more! Plus, you’ll learn about jazz notation, scales and music theory.

The online video – featuring Hatton himself – is accessed at

Hatton will present and play from his book in the Hal Leonard NAMM Booth (5720 in Hall B) at 2pm on Friday!

EHX Bass Soul Food

With the overwhelming success of the EHX Soul Food, we thought it’d be good to whip up a batch of tones for bassist as well as guitars seeking a transparent drive with more emphasis on the low end. Based on the same circuit as the original, the Bass Soul Food has been tweaked to keep lower frequencies intact and allow for blending of your clean signal into the overdriven tone.


***Check out both video for the EHX Bass Soul Food below!***

Pro Guitar Shop EHX Bass Soul Food Demo
Electro-Harmonix Bass Soul Food Demo

Billy Sheehan to Appear on Rotosound Booth at Winter NAMM 2015

The legendary bass player, Billy Sheehan is appearing on the Rotosound booth at the Winter NAMM 2015.

Billy Sheehan

Billy, who has won the ‘Best Rock Bass Player’ readers poll in Guitar Player Magazine five times, has been busy touring with the Winery Dogs alongside Mike Portnoy and Richie Kotzen. He has also just recorded the new Mr Big album called “The Stories We Could Tell”, released September 2014 via Frontiers Records and has been touring worldwide with the band.

Billy has been a Rotosound endorsee for over 25 years and his signature stainless steel roundwound strings have helped shaped his unique sound. He will be at the Rotosound booth on Saturday 24th January at 3pm.

Warwick + Framus July Newsletter

The July issue is all about the 2014 Bass Camp. As well as a ton of great bass eye candy, check it out!

Click here to view the Warwick + Framus July newsletter!

Dave Kiswiney – Bass Frontiers Video Interview


Dave Fowler
Editor-In-Chief Bass Frontiers

I remember very well the first time I saw the name Dave Kiswiney. It was in a Gibson Victory bass ad many moons ago in guitar player magazine. Little did I realize that many years later I would get to know this guy in a very weird way .. I have toured many years with major country music artists out of Nashville (as many of you know) and one of the biggest booking agencies here is a company called Buddy Lee Attractions .. Low and behold when playing for platinum artist Tracy Lawrence, Dave Kiswiney was our agent and he introduced himself to me at one of our shows. I immediately recognized who he was and we struck up a friendship that day that has now been in tact for well over 10 years! Some of you will remember Dave as long time bassist with Detroit rocker often imitated but never duplicated, outspoken, outdoorsman Ted Nugent.

Dave has a great story and I feel you will enjoy it!

Thanks to Dave Kiswiney for this GREAT interview!

TC Electronic announces Ditto Looper Gold

TC Electronic announces Ditto Looper Gold

Risskov, Denmark, July 22nd 2014 – TC Electronic announces Ditto Looper Gold, a limited edition gold-colored run of the revolutionary Ditto Looper. The original Ditto Looper became an instant hit due to how mind-blowingly simple and intuitive it was to use and also because of its outrageously small size, making it a household name on pedalboards around the globe.

With Ditto Looper Gold, TC Electronic has managed to add even more wow-factor to this already amazing pedal by re-issuing it in the only color fit for a true loop-champion: Gold!
Ditto Looper Gold will be available in stores (exclusively at Guitar Center in the US) from August 24th and will be available at $129.99 suggested US retail/ 99 € EU SSP / £80 UK SSP.

Ditto Looper Gold is a limited run of only 5000 pedals, and included with every pedal is a certificate of authenticity signed by the head of TC Electronic’s Guitar Department, Tore Mogensen. So there’s no doubt that Ditto Looper Gold will quickly become the new main attraction on any musician’s pedalboard.

Beneath the cool exterior, Ditto Looper Gold features the same true-bypass, analog dry-through design, ultra-small footprint and 24 bit uncompressed high quality audio as the original Ditto Looper. And also like Ditto Looper, Ditto Looper Gold features 5 minutes of looping time, unlimited overdubs and undo/redo functionality.


Ditto Looper Gold Price
129.99 suggested US retail
99 € EU SSP
£80 UK SSP

Ditto Looper Gold is Available
July 24th