Dave Kiswiney – Bass Frontiers Video Interview


Dave Fowler
Editor-In-Chief Bass Frontiers

I remember very well the first time I saw the name Dave Kiswiney. It was in a Gibson Victory bass ad many moons ago in guitar player magazine. Little did I realize that many years later I would get to know this guy in a very weird way .. I have toured many years with major country music artists out of Nashville (as many of you know) and one of the biggest booking agencies here is a company called Buddy Lee Attractions .. Low and behold when playing for platinum artist Tracy Lawrence, Dave Kiswiney was our agent and he introduced himself to me at one of our shows. I immediately recognized who he was and we struck up a friendship that day that has now been in tact for well over 10 years! Some of you will remember Dave as long time bassist with Detroit rocker often imitated but never duplicated, outspoken, outdoorsman Ted Nugent.

Dave has a great story and I feel you will enjoy it!

Thanks to Dave Kiswiney for this GREAT interview!

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