Office on Music Row

Very happy to announce I will become day to day person for the band Trick Pony starting in early May. I will be a part of Graham Management and will…

Dave Fowler working as Artist Relations Manager for EMG Pickups for Nashville, TN

Dave Fowler is pleased to announce that he is working as Artist Relations Manager for EMG Pickups for Nashville, TN. If you have any questions about EMG Guitar or Bass…

Michael Rhodes Video Interview

Dave Fowler Editor-In-Chief When I think of bass players, hit records and Nashville, TN the first name that pops into my head is Michael Rhodes. Michael has been a constant…

Ray Brown & Rockabilly – New Bass Books from Hal Leonard

Two excellent new Hal Leonard bass books have just gone to press. Ray Brown – Legendary Jazz Bassist by Matthew Rybicki is a comprehensive tribute to this jazz master, featuring…

EHX Bass Soul Food

With the overwhelming success of the EHX Soul Food, we thought it’d be good to whip up a batch of tones for bassist as well as guitars seeking a transparent…

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Bass Guitar Lessons

It is my passion to pass along the valuable information that I have gained in my time here in Music City. I am currently available for bass guitar lessons either hourly or day rate.

Below are some of the services that I offer; Private bass guitar lessons, how to read Nashville Number Charts, how to tour manage musical artists, how to make it as a musician in the Nashville music scene and many more valuable lessons.

Click here for more info.

Tour Dates / Bass Clinics

    There are no dates yet.